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Freedom Line Brokerage is a professional and licensed insurance broker located in Long Island City, New York. Freedom Line Brokerage was founded in 2003, providing us with 15 years in the business. Our years of experience and insurance background allow us to provide great and amiable services to our respected clients. Our experienced underwriters not only provide quick solutions, but also make those solutions a reality.
We serve our clients with great love and respect. Freedom Line Brokerage proudly answers our clients’ calls and give our best services according to their needs. Our clients are our first priority.
Freedom Line Brokerage provides our clients with a wide variety of insurance. We provide TLC, auto insurance, business insurance, BOP, commercial liability and property, professional liability, workers compensation and disability. We provide the lowest premium in the competitive market of insurance.
Why Us
  • We represent the best insurance companies.
  • We provide competitive insurance rates.
  • We provide free quotes fast.
  • We are professional and provide satisfactory customer service.
  • We communicate with our clients in an honest and amiable way.
In the past few years, there have been many changes in the taxi industry...
Commercial Insurance
Commercial property insurance can protect your business...
Personal Line Insurance
Freedom Line Brokerage offers a wide-range of personal insurance...
Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses and lost income...
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We Can Help You To Protect Your Business

Freedom Line Brokerage has great experience in the auto industry. We provide auto insurance for individual drivers and for corporations. We also report your claims and process them on your behalf. We are the experienced broker of TLC, Black Car, Uber, Green Taxi, Yellow Taxi, etc.

We also specialize in small commercial and personal property, as well as professional line coverage. We have the best market for business insurance, which allows us to provide reasonable and quick solutions to our clients.

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