Home insurance

  • Home Owners insurance


You are making the biggest purchase of your life; do you really want to leave your insurance to chance? At Freedom Line Brokerage, we have a team dedicated to ensuring your biggest asset is covered. We have seen it all and know how important it is to ensure you have the coverage you need! Give Freedom Line Brokerage a call to speak to an expert today!

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  • Renter's Insurance



Did you know that if you rent, chances are you are not insured! Landlords are required to have insurance on the building that you are living in, but your personal property is not! Renters insurance covers you as the renter with your personal items (sofa, Bed, Tv, Clothing). Also if you have guest over and they get hurt, you can be held liable for any medical and hospital expense. Give Freedom line Brokerage a call to learn more about Renters Insurance!

  • Flood Insurance

With the rise of global warming and rise of more severe storms, we have seen a rise in flood claims. Our team is trained to ensure that when you give us a call, we give you all options available for you!

Give Freedom line Brokerage a call to learn more about Flood Insurance!


  • Vacant Property insurance



Did you know that if you have a property that is vacant for more than 90 days, it is considered a vacant property? The same insurance for a homeowner is not the same as a vacant property policy. If any claims arises and you don't have proper coverages, your claim might not be covered. Give us a call if you fall into this category ! 

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